Location: Municipality of Foligno, Foligno, Italy

Number of participants: 15

Description of the activity

The event was held in the Sala Pio La Torre, inside the town hall of Foligno (PG).

After this, the participants were involved in sharing their perception, opinion and / or experience. To do this they were invited to write a sentence or a key word on the 8 posters specially arranged, one for each of the 8 most common stereotypes on migration (according to the research "Is what we hear about migration really true?" by the European University Institute).

Everyone freely could then expose their point of view and ask for clarification with respect to what others have written.

To respond to the doubts and confrontation that emerged during this interactive part among the participants, a presentation on the policies and values ​​of the European Union was made to allow them to have a better knowledge.

A Dreaming exercise on the vision of the EU was made to allow us to share and reason about the idea of ​​the future we have for our Europe. The focus group ended with the presentation of the subsequent activities.

The main language was Italian, some of the volunteers present were involved in translating into English to English-speaking participants.

Outcomes: Survey results by COPE-FELCOS