Location: Palazzo Piermarini, Foligno, Italy

Number of participants: 17

Description of the activity

A group of young people (18-25 years old) were involved in an active workshop realised on the 14 June 2018.

The goal was made them more aware and more consciousness about the meaning and the value of some key concept of migration, intercultural exchange and interaction.

Through this workshop, co-organized with the CIDIS association, the participants were first involved in a brainstorming on some key terms on the migration issue, then they reasoned on the correct definitions and contents.

They were involved in a role play "My Island" for simulating the creation of a new government in a desert island. The activity allowed them to reflect and experiment with the decision-making process, the opportunities and the criticalities it involves to lead an inclusive and intercultural government.

Outcomes: Sensibilizzazione ragazzi che hanno seguito il percorso nelle altre attività