Location: Biblioteca San Matteo degli Armeni, Via Monteripido 2, Perugia, Italy

Number of participants: 52

Description of the activity

Do we need immigrants? How do immigrants weigh on our welfare system? Do Italian students suffer from the presence of many immigrants in their classes?

These are some of the questions that many citizens ask themselves in their daily lives, with respect to which we tend to formulate superficial answers because they are not founded on the knowledge of facts and real data.

The seminar was an opportunity to reason and discuss, on the one hand, the role of European migration policies in the social and economic inclusion of immigrants and holders of international protection. On the other hand, the experiences of the Italian shelter system and the initiatives of the Umbrian associative world were presented.

The speakers were : Dott. Antonello SCIALDONE-Coordinator of the Strategic Project on Migrants Integration of the National Institution for Analysis of Public Politics (INAPP - Istituto Nazionale per l’Analisi delle Politiche Pubbliche), Dramane Wagué, Vice-Mayor of Municipality of Perugia and Massimiliano Presciutti, Mayor of Municipality of Gualdo Tadino.

The debate with citizens and representative members of some important associations engaged in the immigrants protection allow to identify recommendations for the counter narrative about migration.

In the current period, the presentation and discussion on facts, real numbers and positive experiences are one of the most significant action to oppose the racism discourse and contribute to a positive narrative.

Outcomes: Guide with counter narrative about migration