Location: Spazio Zut!, Corso Cavour 83/85 Foligno, Italy
Palazzo Trinci, Piazza della Repubblica 25, Foligno, Italy

Number of participants: 267

Description of the activity

The final International Festival of CivAct project represented an important opportunity for debate and constructive discussion in order to promote integration processes and strengthen public understanding of European policies on immigrants’ shelter and inclusion.

It was made up of two parts: an event with Balkan cuisine and a concert of intercultural music (5th Avril 2019, at a youthful place - Spazio Zut!), and a Conference with high-level speakers such as a EU Commission representative, Concord Italia, and University (6th Avril 2019, at the historical building. Palazzo Trinci).

The event of the 5th had been a convivial moment with an intercultural buffet for dinner and a concert of gipsy and klezmer music by Rom & Gagè band. The atmosphere was their notes guided participants on a real musical journey to promote the value of diversity as a mutual enrichment.

For the Conference, the key speakers were:

  • Laura Corrado, Head of the "Legal Migration and Integration" Unit of the General Directorate for Migration and Internal Affairs of the European Commission;
  • Francesca Longo, expert on European Politics and Mediteranean relationships - University of Catania
  • Francesco Petrelli, Concord Italia.

During the second part of the event, organized as a round table, the representatives of the European partners of the project (from the 6 countries involved), the representatives of Umbria region and of Umbrian National Association of Municipalities, and representative members of some important associations engaged in the immigrants protection,.discussed about the experiences and practices implemented in the territories in terms of immigrants’ shelter and integration.

Outcomes: Guide with counter narrative about migration