Location: Nicosia

Number of participants: 16

Description of the activity

In the final event of the project, the national conference, the project contacted the House of Europe as well as academics in the field of European studies in order to get a better understanding on the policies that impact the successful management of challenges like the acceptance of migrants and refugees in our countries and to mainly provide a framework of understanding about the operation of the European Union processes through its evolution during its conception.

The discussion opened up with the presentation of facts of migration in order to set the framework of a solid discussion, focusing on internal migration and global transformation in the world political economy, especially after the 08 economic crisis and then moved to the big social changes that are imminent and difficult to discuss as societies, namely the impact of automation and population decline across the board for Europeans, and how an influx of young entrepreneurial people can help mitigate some of the challenges we are facing ahead. The discussion the moved to the current European policy responses that prove how the EU matters in our lives and how we can take full advantage of the benefits provided to us in order to appreciate the massive increase in our ability to travel, work and enlarge our world with convenience and safety in the current system, as well the why its paramount that European Citizens to participate in the development of our common future by explaining the evolution of the EU and the unique structure of the EU institution in the marriage of EU states and supranational institutions.